Creative Responses

Research is Life

Interdisciplinary Practice

Design Trend

We are introduced to the 10 brilliant graphic design trend of 2016. We are separated into groups and do case study for given trends and make our own design using one of the trend.


I learn a lot of things during this class activity. I also learn how to work in a team. I like whimsical illustration the most. That’s why I choose to make my design using whimsical illustration. This is the presentation slides.


My final design outcome is an illustration about archery competition between Artemis and Cupid.


Interdisciplinary Practice

Signs and symbols

We’re asked to explore signs and symbols outside the classroom, and do some analysis on them. Minimum 5 analysis of existing sings or symbols, and 5 own created sings or symbol. Below are the signs and symbols that I discovered randomly outside the classroom.

After that, I start to choose 5 and do the analysis. My own created design is inspired by the existing signs as well. Below is my presentation slides.


Interdisciplinary Practice

Class activity: Draw the things that you can’t see.

A class activity conducted by Ms Fiona. We were bought out of the classroom and go out to explore the “unseen” things. We asked to draw the things that we usually don’t notice.

I enjoy this class activity very much, because I’m a person who love drawing very much. Through this class activity, I explored many new perspective that I did’t noticed usually. We can actually get inspired by every thing around us daily. We need to have a pair of sharp eyes, and a critical mind.

Professional Practice

Final Presentation

Final Presentation slides: ProPrac final

Attachment of TAF’EEL Design Studio’s slides: tafeeldesignstudio-jan2015-150411034533-conversion-gate01

Interactive PDF with Portfolio: ProPrac Portfolio

Final Book Printing Outcome: ProPrac CV

Final Book with attachments Outcome: